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Sunday, September 29, 2013


Sorry its been a while my friends!  I had a hard time getting back to "real life."  It's pretty common following endurance events to feel a little post-event depression (even more so when goals are not reached).  So I have been enjoying my rest, using my free time to catch up on some home projects that need to get done before winter and playing with my dogs!

I started my fall "dry land" routine about 2 weeks ago.  It's pretty minimal at this point...but getting back on my VASA trainer has felt good.  I got back in the water for the first time last week.  Several of us "diehards" went open water swimming in Flathead Lake and it was FREEZING.  It felt good to swim, but I feel pretty out of shape.  It's amazing how much endurance you can lose in a month.

I've been working more on cooking.  :)  I create a menu each saturday and have been holding myself to the "make a list and only go shopping once a week" rule.  It's been going well and I'm saving money too!  Some of my recipes I've found online have flopped...but I think I'm getting better....definitely eating healthier!

Now...on to the photos!  I'm so sorry this took me so long.  My friends and family were really quick about getting me cds with photos...but I just haven't gotten to posting them.  There were tons...but these are some of my favorites.  I apologize for not noting who took which photos but these were from the cameras of my sister Krissy Davis, my friend Katie Schulz and my friend Cooke Thompson.

These are not in chronological order...

These cutie pies showed up to see me off at 3:30am to see me off and I had never met them before!  Such a nice surprise!

This is what getting ready to swim in the middle of the night looks like-a lot of folks in their pjs and one crazy girl in a swim suit!

Getting ready to go...glowsticks in hand.

The first strokes of the journey!

The search and rescue doggy took a break from monitoring my safety to give my nephew Garret smooches!

Awesome pic!

This handsome fella is my boyfriend (no one tell him I posted it on fb!)

I love this photo of the fans on the hill!

Cool cloud pic...note the flatness of the water...wish it had lasted!

Jason swimming with me...no one would believe it if I didn't post it!

This one is just a beautiful shot!

This picture was taken shortly after I told my boyfriend and my dad to stop "talking shop" and pay more attention to me....I was a little cranky.  :)

Great shot of my dad!

My cutie pie nephew Garrett

Again...SO FLAT....

Then the wavies started.

I love this one with the waves, the horizon and the moon!

You can see the helicopter in the distance grabbing water!

My search and rescue friends!

Search and rescue with the working dogs!

When I saw this deer, I asked if it was real...no one thought it was funny (we were only 6 hrs in and I wasn't supposed to joke about hallucinating)  :)

The jet skiers did a wonderful job of keeping recreational boats away!

My niece Hannah kept a watchful eye on me..

Hannah swimming with me!

Dad on the support boat!

I like this one...the boat is really leaning to one side!  

Hope you liked the photos!