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Emily von Jentzen is an Ultra Marathon Swimmer who completes lengthy endurance swims to raise money for children with special medical conditions.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

2014 Enduring Waves Fundraising

Hello Friends and Followers!

It's been while since my last post…and I promise to provide an update soon…but my purpose for this blog is to get the word out about the 2014 Enduring Waves fundraising efforts.

Once we formed our non-profit and applied for our 501(c )(3) status, we had to come up with a selection process for determining the child(ren) we raise money for each year (rather than in the past selecting a child informally essentially through hearing a story about a kiddo and wanting to help).  If you would like to read our full selection process check out our website.

Originally, we had set a date of March 31, 2014 as the deadline for letters of interest…however, we haven't gotten any submissions!  I'm sure there are still kiddos out there in need of assistance, but it doesn't seem we did a good job getting the word out.  So, we have extended the deadline to submit letters of interest to April 30, 2014 and we will select the child we are raising money for by mid-May.

So, if you know a kiddo with a medical condition and the family needs assistance with any medical related expenses (this could include a number of things, not limited to medical costs not covered by insurance, travel for medical procedures, special medical equipment, service dogs, etc), PLEASE help us get the word out!

The Enduring Waves Foundation has a great group of volunteers who are committed to making a difference in another child's life in 2014.