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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Long week

Sunday January 13th- 1 hour 30 minutes
400free/100 BK/400 FR/100 BK
10 x 50 agility paddles
500 tempo trainer at 105
10 x 50 100 IM order
500 with snorkel, tempo trainer at 100
10 x 50 stroke maker paddles
500 with snorkel, and fins, tempo trainer at 95
10 x 100 kick (alternate DOB/vertical kick)

5000 yards (this workout felt great, almost took this as an off day, glad I didn't.  My body is still feeling super exhausted)

Monday January 14th-off day.  
Really glad I pushed through and got that workout in.  I'm feeling more like a normal person today.  Not grumpy and tired like I felt all last week.

Tuesday January 15th-off day
I really wanted to swim today, work was crazy busy and couldn't break away.

Wednesday January 16th -1 hour 40 minutes
1000 free with 200 back mixed in
6 x 400 alternate FR/IM
12 x 50 (4 with agility paddles, 4 with snorkel, 4 with stroke maker paddles)
10 x 100 kick alternate FOB/vertical kick

Total 5000 yards

Thursday January 17th-less than 45 minutes 
1000 free
400 IM
200 free
50 scull

Total 1650

Friday January 18th-1 hour 50 minutes 
1000 free
16 x 250 @ 4:00/4:15 (4 swim, 4 with snorkel, 4 with stroke maker paddles, 4 with fins)
10 x 100 kick alternate FOB/vertical kick

Total 6000

Saturday January 19th -less than 30 minutes 
1000 free
6 x 100 kick alternate FOB/vertical kick
50 easy

Total 1650

I was REALLY tired Saturday and feeling run down like I'm getting sick.  Wanted to swim a little more, but cut it short due to how I was feeling.

Summary: I felt good about this week.  Got all five swims in and three were longer swims.  Still haven't incorporated any dryland in.  I think next week should probably be a recovery week.

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