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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I love my VASA Trainer

Yesterday I didn't swim, but I did a short (30 min) VASA workout.  The thing I love most about the VASA trainer is it doesn't take a long workout for you to feel it the next day....here's what I did on the VASA:

3 x 25 double arm pulls (no resistance) with 3 x 50 killer abs in between (no resistance)
3 x 30 double leg squats (VASA pushed up against wall) with one bungee cord with 3 x 12 rows in btwn.
3 x 15 single leg squats each leg (one bungee cord) with 3 x 50 killer abs in between (no resistance)

(It should be noted that little Mason puppy DOES NOT like the VASA trainer and barked at me nearly the whole time I was working out).

Then this morning I got up early (and sore) to get a swim in before heading to Billings for work.  I ate oatmeal before I swam and here's what I did today:

200 SKIPS (swim/kick/IM/pull/swim-drill)
16 x 50 alternate KOB/vertical kick @ 1:30
200 backstroke
3 x 500 @ 8:00 swim
250 cool down

Total: 3750 yards

I was in for about an hour and twenty minutes.  I like the kick sets alternating with vertical kick (they are making me pretty sore, but I like that).  I would have liked to do a few more 500s, but my time was limited this morning to get on the road.  I held right around 7 minutes on my 500s and was really trying to work on maintaining the 3/4s catch up even when I got tired.  I still think I maybe didn't eat enough before I swam as I was hungry after about the first 500.

Well....gotta get the car packed and hit the road-don't worry, I will pack my swimsuit and discover what Billings has to offer in swimming facilities!


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