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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tis the season...

Well....as things go at this time of year...its been a hectic blur the past few weeks.

December 3-12th I was not able to swim due to medical reasons....

December 13th: I only had enough time to get in a mile straight swim.

December 14th: Tried out my new Finis tempo trainer out and I swam 2500 yards increasing the tempo each 500 alternating free and back every 500.  I really enjoyed the Tempo trainer.

December 16th: Swam 2000 yards, first 1000 warm up, then 10 x 100 free with tempo trainer set to 90.

December 21st: Swam 2000 yards, first 1000 warm up with free and back, 10 x 100 IM, then 5 minutes of vertical kick.

I traveled out of state for Christmas and as it usually goes, I've eaten way too many sweets and I've been way too lazy.  And although I had every intention of swimming while I was at my parents house...it appears that although I brought home all my other swim gear, I forgot my swim suit.  So, tomorrow I'm going to see if I can luck out and find a store here that sells suits, but if that fails, I brought my cross country skis and this will be a week of cross training.

Merry Christmas...and next week its time to get my workout schedule back to normal, but until then...I'm enjoying time home with my family!

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