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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Race Week followed by R & R

My favorite time is the week following a race.  I love races/events because they are benchmarks, report cards and progress reports.  Even races that don't go as well as I hoped seem to enable me to re-focus my training.

This past weekend (April 6-7) was our State masters meet.   Now besides the fact that I was swimming in the meet, I was also the event director as our team hosted the meet.  It was a ton of work, but the payoff was great.  The event ran smoothly and it was a great fundraiser for our team.

So my last post left off at April 1st....so here's from that point on(I took all last week off from lifting, so it was just swimming):

Tuesday April 2nd

Wednesday April 3rd 
3,000 yards (1000 free, 400IM, 10 x 100 @ 1:30, 4 x 100 K, 200 easy)

Thursday April 4th

Friday April 5th 
easy 1000 mixed strokes

Saturday April 6th
1000 WU
Race 1: 1650
Race 2: 400IM
Race 3: 200FR
Race 4: 500 FR (set new MT record for 30-34 age group)
Race 5: 200 FR relay

Total with WU/CD approximately 5,000 yards

Sunday April 7th
1000 WU
Race 1: 1000 (set new MT record for 30-34 age group)...and my cap fell off :)
Race 2: 200 Medley Relay
Race 3: 400 FR Relay

Total with WU/CD approximately 3000 yards

Monday April 8th 
only evening lifting

Tuesday April 9th 
only evening lifting

Wednesday April 10th 

Thursday April 11th 
WU: 300 swim 200 drill
MS: 4 x 100 IM
       6 x 150 (rotate 25 stroke fast)
       8 x 50 Kick
CD: 300 easy

2500 yards

Friday April 12th 

Saturday April 13th 
Short am swim: 500 yards, 15 min vertical kick

I'm planning on a nice long swim tomorrow.  Indoors of course, since its snowing here (right as I was about to try for my first outdoor swim of the season we have this crazy spring blizzard hit!)

I've got two big events right around the corner, USMS Spring Nationals in Indianapolis and USMS 10K Nationals in Las Vegas.  This next month is going to go by pretty fast!

I'm hoping within the next week to have some cool announcements to make related to my big summer swim!  Stay tuned!


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