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Monday, April 22, 2013

Wait for it....

Okay, I'm most excited about my next post....but its super cool news, so I want it to have its own separate post!  :)

Here's a little catch up on the training progress:

Monday April 15th 
The Half n' Half practice
(seriously try this one...you'll be super leg sore for a few days!)
500 swim
500 kick
400 fly with fins
400 kick with fins
300 pull
300 flutter kick
200 back
200 dolphin kick
100 scull
100 kick

Then 15 minutes vertical kick

Total: 3000 yards

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Was out of town for work...didn't swim...

Friday April 19th 
500 swim
200 kick
500 pull
8 x 200 Kick w/fins
4 x 300 variation of paddles
100 easy

Total 3000 yards

Saturday April 20th 
mini swim (due to pool schedule changes my workout got cut short-boo)
500 swim
30 minutes vertical kicking (swim lessons got in early...but I still had space to vertical kick)

Sunday April 21st 
Didn't want to...but took the day off because I was under the weather....

Monday April 22nd 
WU: 200 swim, 300 drill
MS: 2 x (200 swim @B
              (4 x 50 IM order
              (150 swim @ B
              (4 x 50 kick
              (100 swim @ B
              (4 x 50 K/Dr
              (50 swim
              (4 x 50 Dr/S
CD: 100 easy

Total: 3100 yards

I've been having dreams of open water swimming....now if it would only STOP snowing!

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