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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why Labradors Cannot be Trusted

Busy, busy day today!  Coached before work, then had a radio interview about my swim, then worked all day!

Fortunately I got off work a little early and got a nice apx 2 mile swim in BEFORE the storm hit....it was close though!

You can only get luck like that once a day....which is evidenced by the unfortunate demise of my dinner.  I was so excited to go home, pre-heat the oven and throw in my pre-prepared dinner that I did all the necessary prep for yesterday so I wouldn't have to do any "work" in the kitchen tonight.  Well, I took it out of the fridge, began to pre-heat the oven and I should have been suspicious when it was quiet in my house (with two dogs and two cats it is NEVER quiet).  I come out in the kitchen and find the Monster Mason finishing up the last of my dinner...before I'd even gotten to cook it.

HUGE let down!  :(

At least Mason ate well.

I now must go figure out a plan B....these situations do help me improve upon my weaknesses and get better at adjusting to the unexpected.

Good night, 


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