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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Roller Coaster Rides

Worked hard this weekend!  I had planned a trip to Helena Thursday-Saturday but the weather forecast in Helena unfortunately was mostly thunder, lightening and rain!  So I postponed my trip to scope out Canyon Ferry until next weekend.

Right now, I'm laying on the couch watching The Closer with both dogs cuddled at my feet.  I've gotten to the point where I really love the "sore rewards" that follow a day or a few days of hard workouts.

I got four swims in this weekend.  Yesterday morning I did a resistance swim in the pool with a swimming parachute that I have nicknamed "the punishment parachute."  My main set of my workout was 8 x (100 with parachute, then 200 FAST without parachute) was pretty brutal!

After my pool swim I did a swim with some friends in Somers Bay....unfortunately we had a bit of rough water on Flathead Lake which ended up giving us about an hour of a free roller coaster ride!  I was wiped out Saturday night for sure.  I made homemade enchiladas for dinner and spent the rest of the evening cozy on the couch!

This morning it was REALLY hard to get out of bed....but I did and made it to the pool and got a quick 2 mile swim in (kick emphasis) with time to rush home, eat some pancakes and make it to our morning open water swim in Whitefish Lake!  We had a small group of three swimmers for our swim, but had a kayaker and a canoe accompanying us.  It truly was a beautiful morning on the lake and I was happy to have both my workouts done by early afternoon so I could relax with my pups the rest of the day.

I need to build up enough energy to go to the store and get some dog food....I may have to bribe myself with a trip to the frozen yogurt store in order to abandon my comfy spot on the couch.

Hope you all had a nice weekend too!


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