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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Testing, Testing...123

It's been a while again!  Sorry for my silence....I think about blogging almost every day...but usually bed time sneaks up on me before I find a spare minute to accomplish the task.

I have been 100% wetsuit free since my last post!  It's been really fun, I feel more at home in the water.  It's kind of cool to think about how a lot of the open water greats swam with the simplicity of a normal swim suit, cap and goggles.  With all the hi-tech gadgets, suits and wetsuits...its kind of refreshing to just swim in a suit.  I haven't been feeling cold during my swims at all...which is GREAT...especially since the lakes I've been swimming in are a bit colder than Canyon Ferry.

I did a "test" swim on Saturday to try out a few new nutrition products (Generation Ucan and Accellerade), to have a post swim blood test to check my kidney function and to monitor temperature changes over a longer period of time without a wetsuit.

The test swim was an 8 hour practice.  I felt pretty awesome the first 4 hours, but then one of the products disagreed with my tummy and I had a little tummy distress the last 4 hours.  Some modifications will have to be made to the menu....but figuring this stuff out is half the fun.

My shoulders responded excellent during the swim--I feel completely ready to go in that regard.  I was not even really sore Sunday at all--even felt good enough for a two hour horseback ride!

My post swim blood test came back good as well.  I haven't had my doctor appointment yet but my doctor texted me that the results looked great.  So yay for good functioning kidneys.  :)

My niece Hannah has been staying with me the past week and will be here until Saturday.  We have had a blast swimming all over the place (she is a swimmer too!) and the dogs sure love having her around.

Today I'm heading to Helena and then Fairmont Hot springs for a work conference.  I will be in Helena on and off for the rest of the week and will get a few swims in Canyon Ferry if the weather agrees....so far there are only lightening predictions on one day this week.

Will post some pics of Canyon Ferry later this week!


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