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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

And then the calm

Okay, so quick post cause I'm running a little behind this morning!

Yesterday I swam with my friend Debbie and we swam in Woods Bay on Flathead Lake.  I probably say this every time I find a new little "secret" swim spot, but this is my new favorite.  The water in the lake was flat as glass and SO clear.  I saw a TON of fishies....mostly large schools of little tiny fish (who based on my speculation were also having a swim practice).

We swam four miles, but it hardly felt that long.  We started off right by a place called The Raven (great food) that has an outdoor eating area...and it was kind of funny because we got some odd looks from a few patrons, but two hours later when we returned those same patrons were still there...with different sorts of looks on their faces.  :)

As we approached sore, Debbie's husband was waiting for us with glasses of ice water...which was AWESOME.  My boyfriend came down and met us for dinner at The Raven.  It was a nice relaxing swim and dinner.  I don't know why I haven't tried to swim from there before, I do enjoy the Raven.  Every new year they hold a Polar Bear swim which I took part in this year for the first time.  Obviously our swim yesterday was much more pleasant.

Okay...one more thing before I go.  Yesterday someone in the Attorney General's office sent out an email about my swim to all the people who work in the Department of Justice and in the first two hours we got TONS of emails of people willing to help us out with some of the last minute things we still need in place for the swim.  I feel so fortunate to live in such a caring state...lots of people willing to help!

Well, more later!  Have a great day!


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