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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Mosquitos swim too?

AHHHHH!  I've been attacked by mosquitos!  I think they were flying along taking a chomp out of me each time my arm came out of the water.  It's time to add to the list of pre-swim products (currently sunscreen and aquaphor)....BUGSPRAY!  I think the mosquitos know how much sugar I eat...I'm like a dessert bar for those little monsters!

Had a nice swim today...actually, it was AWESOME!  Some adjustments to my swim nutrition have been really beneficial for my shorter training swims so I'm feeling really positive about that!  Not only did I feel great today, but my mile split times were significantly faster than my normal splits.

It was great to have a good swim because I've been a little stressed at work this week.

I was so tired when I got home...so it was a fantastic treat that my wonderful boyfriend brought me pizza for dinner!  I love pizza!

Another thing I'm a big fan of....my Safe Swimmer Bouy.....it straps to your waist and makes you much more visible to boats AND....another bonus...you can put your stuff in it-keys, flip flops, small towel, sunscreen and snacks!  And 100% of the profits go to the International Swimming Hall of Fame.

Anyhow...its time to snuggle with the pups for a little while before bed!


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