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Friday, August 9, 2013

Busy week done! Check, check!

I'm not sure about anyone else...but when I figure out how to do tricky stuff on the computer, I feel like a rocket scientist!  :)  Today I figured out how to take a screen shot...yeah.  What that means is I can share my swim maps from my Hydro Tracker GPS.

This was a super short swim at Somers today....but I'm so impressed with the map function on the Hydro tracker....you can also play a little "Animation" that shows you swimming your course.  One of the two Hydro trackers that were sent to me isn't functioning correctly...but the other one is working GREAT! : )

Drove back to Kalispell from Helena this morning...had a quick court hearing this afternoon.  Next week is looking to be pretty low stress work wise.  I'm hoping to get a good swim in tomorrow, then a quick little 1-mile race in Whitefish on Sunday.  I've got a lot of preparation work to finish up this weekend.

Promise I will write more tomorrow....but I am so sleepy right now!  Good night!


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