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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday slow down....

Well, it was a lovely day in Montana!  I got a nice relaxing swim in Lake McDonald in Glacier Park.  I'm not sure there are many places to swim that are much prettier than in Glacier.

And we've got, from two different sources, clear weather predictions on the 18th and 19th (no thunder/lightening predictions), so we are all set to begin on the 18th at 3:30!

It was nice to have a relaxing day after how busy last week was.  I had a nice afternoon with my boyfriend, we had a late lunch in Big Fork (a tiny little town right on the edge of Flathead Lake).  Tomorrow I've got a one mile race up in Whitefish and then I plan to spend the rest of the day starting to get together all my stuff for the swim!  :)

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