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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Media Frenzy :)

Okay not really a frenzy...but it was a busy day of interviews and such (which I kind of enjoy).  I got a short swim in and my new Finis Hydro Tracker worked GREAT.  Super excited to have that data following the swim.

I'm in Helena for a quick visit and I had interviews on all the Cherry Creek Radio Stations this morning.  Then Katie and I went out to Canyon Ferry where I was interviewed by a newspaper reporter and had video taken by a television reporter.  I got a short swim in between these interviews.  Water was great, weather was nice..wish I could have stayed in longer....

BUT...I had a boat trip with Search and Rescue.  A tour of the lake with Roger and Ron.  They both know the lake really well and we made some slight adjustment to the swim plan based on their knowledge.  We were also alerted to some random islands that are hard to see if you don't know the lake.

Tomorrow I have a television interview at the Attorney General's office and then I have to get on the road quick to be back in Kalispell for a court hearing in the afternoon...hopefully everything goes smoothly and I'm on time. : )

We had lunch today at a great little place right by the lake...The Flamingo Grill!

The pink bus in the background is one of the dining options at the Grill!  :)

Well, it's late.....have lots more to talk about...but I've got to get to bed....busy day tomorrow!


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