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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My gear!

So today was a nice short swim in whitefish lake...my last swim around here.  Tomorrow I have a few things to wrap up at work and then I'm off to Helena!

Some people have asked me what I intend on using gear wise...so here's what I'm going with:

GPS tracker 1: this Hydro Tracker attaches to my goggle strap and after I upload it to my computer will have a nice map of my swim course.  Thanks to Finis for sponsoring my swim!

GPS tracker 2: this lovely Spot, who I've named Nemo, will be on the boat and will broadcast my progress on to the live internet map.  The live map was a big favorite of folks following my last swim.

Cap and goggles will be finis.  The goggles are the Surge goggles and I have them in the grey/black variety too.  Each pair of goggles will have a Hydrotracker attached and I will switch them out every 6 hours (with crew changes)...mostly cause I will swim longer than the battery.  :)

This will be my cozy towel at the end of the swim....

And this will be my suit!  It's the Blueseventy Eclipse.  Since I'm not wearing a wetsuit this year, I struggled a lot with suit selection, but Blueseventy has been on both my prior swims (I've only worn Blueseventy wetsuits) and they sponsored my previous two swims.  So, superstitious me, I needed blueseventy to be along for this adventure too!  :)

So those are the key items!  :)  Will share more details tomorrow!  :)


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