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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Putting out fires....

So today there were several planning panic attacks....but all have been resolved and I will be sure to describe them in detail....AFTER the swim, when I can laugh about them.  I'm surrounded by some great fire put-er out-ers!  :)

My after swim medical arrangements are finalized.  I will be getting an IV of fluids when I am done with the swim to avoid dehydration while I'm sleeping (this was a learning experience from my last swim!)  :)

I wrapped up everything at work...it is tricky to plan for a two week absence, but everything pretty much was all caught up.  So that's another little stressor off my mind!

I'm packing up the car in the morning and hope to be in Helena around noon.  I've got a whole list of to-dos once I get to Helena, but everything is really all coming together!

Gotta get to sleep!  Goodnight!


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