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Monday, August 12, 2013


So yesterday I swam in the Whitefish one-mile swim.  It was a nice race....a bit of waves, but the cloud cover made it easy to see the bouys!  :)

Plans are coming together nicely for this weekend.

I'm headed to Helena on Friday morning.  My sister, niece, nephew and brother will be in Helena by Friday evening as well.  Friday will be a last minute "we forgot about what?!?!?!!?" day.

Friday evening we will have a BBQ over at Carter's house!  Hopefully by that point we have put out any "fires" of things we forgot and it will be a relaxing evening.

Friday night is the most important sleep night for me...so we are taking all the dogs to the kennel early on Friday.  I am so relieved that Guardian Kennels is a sponsor of the swim and is kenneling the dogs.  One of my dogs Mason, is a real handful, and they had only lovely things to say about him the last time he was there.  It's really nice to leave my "babies" somewhere where I don't have to worry about them one bit! :)

Saturday I'm planning on sleeping in and then being as calm and relaxed as I can be :)  The rest of the crew will arrive in Helena on Saturday.  Saturday evening our Crew Meeting will take place at 5:00 pm at Bert and Ernie's in Helena.  Hope to get everyone on the same page at the meeting...and express my immense gratitude for all my helpers.

And early bedtime on Saturday will make an easy wake up at 2:45 am on Sunday.  In the water by 3:30 am!  

So those are our loose plans at this point!



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